About Academic Journal

Academic Platform

Platform provides academic journals and Conference with online hosting services and an editorial workflow management system for academic platform. Platform supports national academic journals to gain presence in accordance with international standards and increase their visibility.

Academic Platform does not interfere with the management of peer review system and content of the journals. It only provides infrastructure and “technical support” for the use of the system. Authors should contact the editor of the journal for any topic regarding their publication.


to improve the quality and aid the development of academic publishing of each journal accordance with international standards, to enhance the visibility and usage of national academic journals worldwide, to ensure the implementation of the Academic Journal Management System efficiently.

Participation in Academic Platform

Peer-reviewed academic journals published in any other publication or institute can participate in Academic Journal by filling out the Application Form in website. Only open access journals are hosted in academicjournal.io.
New journals may start publication in Academic Journal, using the infrastructure provided, filling out the same application form. A Journal Website is created for each journal making an application in the system. Then a username and password is given to the Journal Manager and/or Editor. After this point, the management of the journal is up to the journal manager. It is made compulsory to add the “Ethical Principles and Publication Policy” descriptions for the journals hosted at academicjournal.io If the journal has an archive, academicjournal.io transfers it to the journal’s new webpage. academicjournal.io also provides technical support to help with the problems that may be encountered while using the system.

Technical aspects and responsibilities such as security, updating, development and backup of the system is taken care of by experts team. Although every journal published in AcademicJournal.io has a separate domain name and outlook, all journals use the same infrastructure. Still, each journal can design its web-page in its own style, to suit its own needs. Journal managers can monitor all the steps of the publishing process, starting from the submission of manuscripts to final publication, from their office through the Internet, using the AcademicJournal.io system. Services offered by AcademicJournal.io are payable according to partnership or MOU basis. Moreover, there is profit share structure on agreement policy of us. A “Participation Contract” is signed between AcademicJournal.io and every journal joining AcademicJournal.io in order to protect mutual rights.